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Untravelled Paths is an innovative young travel company that specialises in combining unique experiences with unusual destinations. We believe buying experiences is more important than buying things. That’s why all our experiences are filled with original and memorable moments to share with the people you love making them life-long purchases that get even better with time.

Something Different: Our unique experiences provide you with something different and range from tracking bears in the wild and spending the night in a hotel made of ice to living like a peasant for a week, skiing in Africa and sleeping under the Sahara stars.

Somewhere Different: Our unusual destinations allow you to travel somewhere different and constitute either entire unexplored countries like Albania andRomania to the less travelled parts of better known countries such as the untouched heel of Italy.

Someone Different: Unlike other tour operators, our team is tiny. Don’t let this put you off though, for what we lack in manpower, we more than make up for in enthusiasm, passion and downright dedication. We pride ourselves on being able to add a more personal touch to the way we do things.