Club Statement

I set up 8th Day Adventure in 2004 as a way for people to make the most of their spare time. Loads of great things to do with a ready crowd of like-minded people to do them with. In this sense not much has changed, however the surrounding social environment has evolved with the introduction of groups like ‘Meetup’ and other similar ventures. Our biggest selling point remains the same and I believe 8th Day Adventure is better than the competition. We have a fantastic variety of events and attract a really great bunch of people. We have the super-fit, the not-so-fit, the fearless and the little-bit-timid, but the bottom line is that everyone is in it to make it more social, and as a result, regardless of ability and outlook, everyone mucks in and it’s a lovely atmosphere.

The club does need to be financially viable in order to continue. We keep the subs as low as possible, so in addition to these there are surcharges on weekend trips to cover the organisation and the financial risk incurred in securing accommodation for a large group. We endeavour to make all trips as good value as possible and prices are in line, if not lower than those offered by other social group businesses.

What We Will Do….

1) Provide as many events as we can without over-burdening the calendar. This often means we’ll add things in accordingly throughout the year.

2) We’ll put on loads of events that are free to attend, and many more at cost rate, and where possible at a discount too.

3) Provide great groups and company! This is essentially what the club’s all about and why you do stuff with us, and this will remain our core priority.

You will…

1. Respect other members. Hardly needs saying really 🙂

2. Plan your own events in a way that respects the club. For 1 day events & activities you are free to advertise these via the website or the Facebook page. If you would like to plan a weekend trip or a holiday then this must be submitted via the website for approval. This is so we can manage diary clashes effectively. We will always try very hard to facilitate as many requests as possible. We do of course appreciate that you make good friends within the club and occasionally want to organise your own trips etc with them, and that’s great! What I would request though is that any trips such as these are kept just between those friends and not advertised more widely to the club on the website or the Facebook page.

3. Abide within the ‘club spirit’ and not do things that will harm the club. Particularly organising your own trip to coincide, in date and location, with an existing club trip. This practice inevitably leads to tension and is no good for anyone. Ultimately we need your support if the club is to keep going for you all.
I hope this brings a little extra clarity to what we’re all about and how the club works from both sides, and I look forward to many more years sharing brilliant experiences with you all!