What’s It All About?

For those of you short on time and wanting a VERY brief summation of what we’re all about and how it works, here it is:

1) Join hundreds of other like-minded people on a massive range of great trips and activities

2) Pick from hundreds of fun and active events: after work, day trips, weekends away and holidays, we do it all!

3) Join the Club – great event discounts for members as well as loads of member-only activities and socials.

It’s as simple as that really, but for those with a little more time….

Adventures. Socials. Fun. Friendships. Travel.

If one or more of the above appeals, then 8th Day Adventure is for you, though we differ from many other trip organisers in one key way.

It’s all about people.

Other people inspire us, make us laugh, encourage us. They make the difference between a good trip and a great trip.

We organise loads of events and trips throughout the year with great groups of like-minded people. Whilst the weekend trips and holidays are open to anyone, there are great discounts for members, and we also organise loads of regular activities, day trips and socials for our members, meaning you get to know other members really well and that leads to a really friendly and vibrant atmosphere on our trips.

When I first set 8th Day Adventure up back in 2004 it was all about helping people make the most of their spare time and to share great experiences with like-minded people, and that’s not changed. We know it’s hard to get people together sometimes, due to work, family, money, different hobbies or any other number of things. With 8th Day Adventure that’s all taken care of.

You don’t need any prior experience for most things, nor a high level of fitness – with our groups you’ll always find a good range of both of these, meaning most people can get out of it what they want.

We also keep many of our weekends fairly open in terms of optional activities, allowing for greater flexibility and to personalise your weekends a bit. Think of it like an adventure concierge service! We see it as our job to get a great group together for fun activity weekends, and we’ll do our very best to help you get the most out of it, booking extra activities according to demand.

As a result we’ve had many members for well over 10 years, and once people have tried a trip they tend to stick around for a few years! It’s not a singles thing either – we get couples joining, and whilst we’ve been responsible for well over 20 marriages now many of them keep coming along to events.

We’d love to welcome you along to any of our events coming up, and if you’re not sure about it all and want to find out some more, or meet some other members to get a feel for it, then why not come along to one of our monthly socials, held on the first Wednesday of the month at a bar near Waterloo in London? You can see the full details of this on the events calendar page.

We also have a really active private ‘group’ on Facebook, which you can see and join here (if you’re a member) – https://www.facebook.com/groups/8thdayadventure/

Becoming a member and taking advantage of all these benefits starts from just £10 per month! To put it into context, it’s cheaper by half than one month’s gym membership, and offers so much more.

We hope to welcome you to the group soon!