So what’s the new website all about then?

Well if you’ve just logged on to the website for the first time since the change and are wondering what it’s all about, let me try and explain!

Firstly, welcome (back) to the new and improved 8th Day Adventure – it’s now going to be a much broader sport/adventure community, within which there is the Club (which is all we were before). So if that’s what you’re after and you want to see all the usual cool events we do and book yourself onto them, then just head straight to the Club section and do as you did before!

It’s a different look and feel to it all, but essentially it’s the same club, same type of events and same type of brilliant members doing them all.

However we now offer a really comprehensive 3rd party listings section too, where you can find loads of great things to do all over the country (and overseas), including races, charity challenges, travel, activity providers and accommodation. You can interact a bit with the suppliers of these, and still make use of some great ‘community’ features on these events too, including see who’s registered, who’s recommended it, see some other user’s pics via the instagram feed (if the supplier has added one) and even use the lift share function to get to events.

So now you can see loads of things to do, where to do them, when to do them – and really importantly – who to do them with!

It’s all still new to us so we welcome any feedback or any little bugs you find (as it’s such a complex site we may not have found everything in testing!).

We hope you like what you see and continue to get even more adventure in your life as a result.



Founder, 8th Day Adventure

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