PROVIDER: Steamhorse
ADDRESS: Steamhorse, Drakes Farm Riding Centre, Ilton, Ilminster, Somerset, TA19 9EY, United Kingdom
Activity: Horse riding
TEL: 07975 647077 | VISIT:


Ever fancied being a knight in shining armour, galloping down the lists to joust for your lady’s honour? Or how about becoming a daring trick rider, performing stunts and falls on a fiery steed in front of a packed audience?

At Steamhorse we can teach you to do all of the things you see in the movies on horseback, plus sword fighting, archery and much much more!

Whether you can already ride or not, we have the experience to fit your dreams. For an hour, a day or a whole weekend, you can learn how the professionals do it, and have a go yourself.

For wannabe knights, princesses, cowboys and villains, Steamhorse is the place to be!

See website for details and prices.

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