Lift Share – rules of the road

car shareThe lift share facility on the website is designed to be a tool to help members of our community to get to races and events, and at the same time to help cut down on the number of cars needed to get everyone there too. However – like many things in life – there’s a potential risk to this too, and whilst you are responsible for your own safety in agreeing to lift share, please follow some of these safety guidelines:

* Arrange to meet in a public place.
* Don’t give out your home address before you meet them.
* Let someone know who you are travelling with, when and where to.
* Even once you’ve agreed to meet up, you’re under no obligation to share. If you have any doubts then it’s best to cancel.
* Agree to show each other some ID upon meeting so you know you’ve got the right person.
* We recommend you ask the driver for the vehicle make, model and registration number and then check the details before you meet. You can do this here:

Follow these simple rules and enjoy some happy travelling to events all over the UK!