These are just some basic questions and answers, that we’ll add to as and when we’re asked them!

Do I need to be fit?

No. Unless otherwise stated all events are more about having a laugh than about being really competitive and good at it!

Do I need to be experienced?

No. Most events we assume you won’t have done it before, though many events can suit a variety of levels, like surfing for example, where beginners and advanced surfers can all have a good time at the same time.

Do many people go to events on their own?

Yes. The majority of members did at some point come along to their first event on their own, and in many ways you get more out of it this way as you meet people a lot more quickly than if you come with your own group. Everyone’s really friendly, and it really doesn’t take long before you feel like you’ve known people for ages!

What sort of people join?

Well, people who are up for a laugh and like the outdoors and trying different activities, and whose friends may not be all up for this themselves etc. The age range is about 25-55, with 35 being about average. There are slightly more females than males, though of course in reality it all depends on the type of event!

How do the events work?

You will be able to see the details of each event on the ‘events calendar’ and that will give you the booking details. Once we’ve got your booking we’ll then email all those going about a week or so beforehand (for weekends) or a day or two (for mid-week events) with all the final details and a contact for on the night. Then you just turn up and we take it from there!

How do I get to the weekends away?

When I send out the email for the weekend as mentioned above we’ll also try and help arrange car-share, which usually sorts everyone out. Alternatively sometimes people meet up to catch the same train, and then share a cab at the far end. Ultimately getting there is your responsibility, but it’s extremely rare someone’s not been able to make it (never in fact)!

What do I need to bring?

Well, this slightly depends on the activities on offer, but more often than not it’s best to bring decent outdoor kit and a complete change of clothing in case of poor weather. I always suggest complete waterproofs (ie jacket and trousers) as you never know with this country, and decent outdoor shoes are pretty essential too. Where appropriate we’ll also send out a suggested kit list for the events.

What about insurance?

We don’t cover your personal insurance, so you need to get this yourself. Travel insurance will cover you for many sports as long as you’re away for 2 nights or more, and there are some comprehensive policies for this kind of thing, that we can tell you about if you want to get in touch. We would fully recommend and advise getting insurance cover.

What if I want to do something that’s not on the events calendar?

We’re always keen to put on events to suit demand, so let us know! And if you’re really keen on something and happy to host it then let us know and we can put it in the diary. If lots of members do this then you all get to choose from more and more events and it means you get to do the thing you want in some great company!

Who’s the coolest member?

Hmmm. Answers on a postcard for this one I think….