Ginspiration – Online Cocktail Masterclass!

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Oct 02, 2020
Oct 02, 2020

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This event is organised by 8th Day Adventure


Join us for an entertaining evening of online cocktail making!


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Full Description

Join us for a private session with Beyond the Bar, as they take us on a 90 minute gin-based cocktail masterclass!

Full details are as below, and please email me at to book a place.

Look forward to seeing you there…cheers!


This is a fun, high energy, bring your own booze cocktail experience. Raise your spirit knowledge and cocktail game by taking part in a masterclass that explores the quirky, mysterious and dark history of gin. Perfect for couples, singles or groups. Grab your friends from near and far for a virtual cocktail get together!

Find some improv bar equipment, simple ingredients and let’s get mixing! You never know what we can create together from your home bar! Cheers to the Ginaissance!

Our expert bartenders are here to entertain, teach and guide you through the masterclass. They have a wealth of industry experience and tips to tap into.

What To Expect: ✔Big Energy ✔Lots of Laughs ✔Drinking Games ✔Forfeits ✔Create 3 Cocktails



✔ Any Gin (1/2 a bottle)
✔ Liquors (Like Triple sec or Cassis)
✔ Prosecco or Cava
✔ Pineapple or Apple or Cranberry Juice
✔ Ginger Beer


✔ 2 Lemons + 2 Limes + 2 Oranges + any berries or fruits
✔ Cucumber + Fresh Mint + Honey + Sugar


✔ Ice / lot’s of it!!
✔ Sieve or tea strainer
✔ Cocktail Shaker, Protein Shaker, Tupperware etc
✔ Glassware + Knife + Chopping Board + Lighter


✔ Lots of energy and good vibes!
✔ Fun night out outfit / points will be awarded


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