Archery Tag

55 Southwark Park Rd, Bermondsey, London, United Kingdom, SE16 3TZ
Sep 11, 2019
Sep 11, 2019

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This event is organised by 8th Day Adventure


Dodgeball with arrows!


  • Activity : Archery Tag
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Full Description

If you’ve ever wondered how you’d fair as Robin Hood or in the Hunger Games, then now’s your chance to find out – yes, it’s Archery Tag!

That’s right, you get to fight other teams with bows and arrows, just like paintball or dodgeball really, but a lot cooler!

We’ll have our own private session, and will book it in once we have a minimum number of 10, so please register interest above if keen and we’ll be in touch once we have enough.

NOTE – this is an outdoor venue

A full description from the organisers is as below:

So, what is Archery Tag then?

Well, it’s basically a ‘combat archery’ game where you have two teams armed with bows and special non-lethal arrows which fly like ‘proper’ arrows but have big marshmallow pieces instead of points. OK, it’s not actually marshmallow, it’s some highly technical proprietary, patented clever stuff that makes them super safe but accurate as well.

The goal is to eliminate the other team – if you hit them with an arrow they’re out!

We’ll go through all the rules and safety with you when you get to us – we’ve been teaching archery for getting on for 10 yrs now in various venues across London and we’ve got hundreds of fab reviews

You don’t need to wear any special clothing or bring anything special with you – just book yourself a date and time online (minimum group size 8 people) then just let everyone know that the job’s done and you’re playing Archery Tag!

Please note that with our current equipment it is not possible to play wearing glasses – sorry! We’re looking into making this possible. You may bring your own Paintball mask if you have one that works with glasses.


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