Climbing – 5 Essential Kit Recommendations

Like many outdoors sports climbing has a massive range of kit that goes along with it. But how to decide what you need most, and which brand to go for?! Well this is why we have experts like Ignacio ‘Nacho’ Garcia Zea from Ellis Brigham to help us decide!

Here he gives us a rundown of his 5 kit must-haves….

I’m from a small town in the south of Spain (San Pedro de Alcantara), that is surrounded by the sea and by the mountains. So I used to do lots of mountain biking with my friends over there, but it’s only when I came to London and I met lots of outdoorsy people that I got into climbing and ice climbing. I’m not someone who remembers all the names of all the routes I climb so I can’t tell you a favourite one..I simply climb and enjoy it! What I can tell you though is what I use when I climb, and I hope this helps save you some time when thinking about what you need, and saves time for the important part – actually getting out and doing it!

My gear:

Boreal Jokers (climbing shoes) – £74.99
One of the comfiest climbing shoes ever made. Excellent for beginners or for advance climbers doing multi pitch routes or trad climbing.
climbing kit


Liquid chalk – £6.50
Stays for much longer in your hands than conventional chalk. Great for climbers with sweaty hands or multi pitch routes or trad climbing.
climbing kit


DMM Passive Protection Package – £149.99
Basic set of protection every trad climber should own.
climbing gear


Petzl Corax (harness) – £54.99
Good, sturdy, easy to adjust, all round  harness that fits nearly everyone.
climbing kit


BD Vapor (Helmet) – £119.99
It’s a bit pricey, but is extremely light, super comfortable, very breathable and it’s low volume (so doesn’t make you look like a mushroom J).
climbing kit


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