About Us

Life is all about our interaction with other people. So we want to put other people at the heart of all our events and trips, sharing great experiences with lovely groups of like-minded people.

So this is all about being part of a wider adventure community: sharing your experiences, teaming up for lift share to events, networking with others up for the same things you are, or if you fancy taking it a step further then join the Club and come along to loads of our own events with groups of other members.

We’ve been running trips and events since September 2004. Our weekends and holiday are now open to anyone, and we also have a Club which offers great discounts off trips to members, alongside a massive range of other one-off events, many of which are free.  We have regular events mid-week (like climbing, running, tennis, ultimate frisbee) and loads of one-offs in the evenings too (fencing, trampolining, archery, kayaking, sailing, meals, pub quiz nights), and then a great range of day-trips and overnight trips at the weekends all over the UK (eg, surfing, hiking, mountain biking, caving, streetluging, quad biking, coasteering – you name it!). To top it all off we have quite a few holidays (skiing, watersports, summer alpine trips, surfing and loads more).

Membership is just £10 per month to attend as many events of any kind as you like!

How Does It Work?

Public Events – All the events and listings on the ‘Listings’ part of the site are by third parties so you can register direct with them or add the event to your ‘favourites’ to keep a track of things.

Club Events – It’s all about make the most of your spare time, sharing experiences, and simply having more fun. See the club ‘What’s It all About’ section for more info on the Club.

We hope you can join us soon!

Founder, 8th Day Adventure